Wholesale Beads



Traditional  Wholesale

Supplier sells only to licensed resellers.

Pricing Groups

Different prices offered to wholesale and retail customers. Wholesale customers usually must submit resale license information.

Large Order Discounter

Supplier offers discounts  to everyone based on how much they spend.

Quantity Discounter

Supplier offer lower prices on a specific item when the customer purchases it in volume.


Wholesale Beads Directory: 
Your Guide To Quality, Low-Priced Beads

Everyone involved in jewelry-making, from bead store owners to the hobbyist, wants to find great quality beading supplies at super low prices, and who can blame us!  This wholesale beads directory will help! 

This information is provided for informational purposes only, as a starting point in your search for bead supplies.  We encourage you to undertake careful research and to not rely exclusively on this site.  (Notes On Bead Supplier Evaluation)

Approaches To Selling Beads at Wholesale

Unfortunately, the phrase "wholesale beads" has been used in so many ways that the phrase has lost much of its value.  Virtually every bead site we have reviewed uses "the W word," even if they do not qualify as wholesale under the most liberal of treatments of the term.

Toward this end, we offer a directory of available "wholesale" sources of beads on the net.  However, given that this term is used in so many ways that we must be careful with how we use the W word.  Wholesale suppliers here are classified under four approaches:

  • Traditional Wholesale: Supplier sells only to licensed resellers only.  This is sometimes called "true wholesale"...

  • Pricing Groups: Supplier maintains different price lists for retail and business customers...

  • Large Order Discounters: Supplier offers a percentage discount based on the overall size of the order.  "Large" is relative; the basic idea is the higher your subtotal, the greater your discount...

  • Quantity Discounters: Supplier offers retail and business customers alike lower prices if they buy a lot of a particular item. 

Inclusion Criteria

We include bead suppliers who satisfy these criteria:

  • The supplier must fall into one of the four wholesale categories defined above. 

  • The supplier must offer online ordering.  This is a directory of wholesale bead sources on the Internet, after all! 

  • The supplier must be based in the U.S.  Why? We feel unable to get verifiable information on most foreign suppliers.

Please let us know if you are aware of a supplier not listed on these pages who qualifies under these criteria. 

"Generalists" and "Specialist" Wholesale Bead Suppliers

There are several very large suppliers who sell every kind of bead or finding under the sun.  Rather than listing them under each and every category, we have created a General Suppliers grouping.  Other suppliers are Specialists, focusing on just one or two types of beads.  These suppliers are listed under these focused categories. 

It's easy to go to one Generalist and place an order, but we have observed that many of the best selections and prices are offered by the Specialists. 

Bead Store Supplies.

Disclaimer: We do the best to ensure that the information provided here is accurate, but do not guarantee that it is.  Please confirm any details with your suppliers before placing an order with them.