Wholesale Beads on the Net



Traditional  Wholesale

Supplier sells only to licensed resellers.

Pricing Groups

Different prices offered to wholesale and retail customers. Wholesale customers usually must submit resale license information.

Large Order Discounter

Supplier offers discounts  to everyone based on how much they spend.

Quantity Discounter

Supplier offer lower prices on a specific item when the customer purchases it in volume.


Evaluating Wholesale Bead Sources

As noted, the information is provided on this directory is for informational purposes only.  You need to investigate the various sources available to you and undertake your own research.

Why We Leave The Evaluation To You

We feel that it is unwise to evaluate, rank or rate the various wholesale bead suppliers for various reasons: 

  • Some resellers, such as your local bead store owner, would not consider buying from a source that competes with them by also selling to their customers.  For such individuals, a traditional wholesaler is the only way to go.  Conversely, the retail customers does not have access to the products of the traditional wholesaler (no reseller's license!).  

  • Some buyers prefer to purchase their beads from a supplier in the same geographic region, making general rankings unwise. 

  • Turning our attention to the issue of specialization, the "best deal" may depend on the customer's ordering practices.  For example, some buyers are looking to buy a lot of different kinds of beads (glass, silver, wood, bone, crystal, etc), and thus need to buy exclusively from a "generalist source."  Others are looking for a specific kind of bead (just wood, just silver, just glass, etc.), and will probably do best with a specialist supplier.  

  • The best discounting plan also depends on the nature of the customer's order.  The customer seeking to purchase a large quantity of just a few items will typically do better under a quantity discount system, but the customer who wants to buy just a few of many different styles will usually do better with price discounts.  



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Disclaimer: We do the best to ensure that the information provided here is accurate, but do not guarantee that it is.  Please confirm any details with your suppliers before placing an order with them.