Wholesale Beads on the Net



Traditional  Wholesale

Supplier sells only to licensed resellers.

Pricing Groups

Different prices offered to wholesale and retail customers. Wholesale customers usually must submit resale license information.

Large Order Discounter

Supplier offers discounts  to everyone based on how much they spend.

Quantity Discounter

Supplier offer lower prices on a specific item when the customer purchases it in volume.


Generalists Versus Specialist Wholesale Bead Suppliers

There are several very large suppliers who sell every kind of bead or finding you could ever imagine.  Rather than listing them under each and every category, we have created a "General Wholesale Bead Suppliers" grouping. These are companies you probably already know about.

Other suppliers are specialists, focusing on just one or two types of beads.  These suppliers are listed under "Wholesale Bead Specialists."   

Specialist Wholesale Bead Suppliers

A supplier can be a specialist for many reasons. 

  • Many specialists simply love a particular kind of bead and wish to focus on it. 

  • Other specialists are actually manufacturers of the bead in question and have a great pricing advantage over their competitors.  It is our impression that the best prices are usually offered by specialist sites.

  • Similarly, some specialists are professional bead artisans who make their handcrafted creations available through both retail and wholesale channels.

If you need a lot of many different kinds of things, a general supplier may fit the bill, but don't underestimate the "little guys" (and gals) who focus on one product category.  These sources often have the largest selection of that particular kind of bead, the lowest prices, and best quality  in their area of specialization.  

Most important, specialists usually have great expertise within their domain.  If all they do is produce lampwork beads of silver beads or resin beads, they probably know their craft better than most generalists ever could.



Bead Store Supplies.

Disclaimer: We do the best to ensure that the information provided here is accurate, but do not guarantee that it is.  Please confirm any details with your suppliers before placing an order with them.