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Traditional  Wholesale

Supplier sells only to licensed resellers.

Pricing Groups

Different prices offered to wholesale and retail customers. Wholesale customers usually must submit resale license information.

Large Order Discounter

Supplier offers discounts  to everyone based on how much they spend.

Quantity Discounter

Supplier offer lower prices on a specific item when the customer purchases it in volume.


Wholesale Approaches in the Beading World

Our directory classifies bead suppliers into four categories. These categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive; a supplier can use two or more of these pricing approaches.

Traditional Wholesale Bead Suppliers: If we were going to be "dictionary-accurate," a wholesale bead supplier is one who sells only to other business people purchasing beads for resale purposes. Such traditional wholesalers will require verification of reseller status by asking for a copy of the buyer's state resellers license or sales tax permit.  This license allows the buyer to make a purchase without paying a sales tax.

Pricing Groups: With pricing groups, sometimes referred to as "price levels," the supplier maintains a different (and lower) price list for wholesale customers than for retail customers.  Wholesale customers may further be grouped.  One leading beading supply company that offers a wholesale discount for jewelry designers and steeper wholesale pricing for bead stores.

Quantity Versus Large Purchase Discounting:  Other bead suppliers claiming to be merchants will sell to anyone, but offer special pricing to any person who buy a lot of one style of bead or finding. This type of arrangement is commonly referred to as a quantity discount, although the phrase "volume discount" is also used often.  Quantity discounts are often justified on the basis of labor costs.  It does not take all that much more time for a bead supply company's employee to pull from stock 10 of an item than just 1 of that same item.  

Large Order Discounter: Other suppliers offer a discount based on the size of the customer's order.  For example, a customer might get 10 percent off for an order of $100, 15 percent off for an order of $200, and so on.  This approach rewards customers who place significant orders.  It can also motivate customers to continue to shop.  Suppose you have $178 in your shopping cart, but the merchant offers 25 percent off of orders over $200.  You will probably find a few more things to buy to get reach that threshold.

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