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Traditional  Wholesale

Supplier sells only to licensed resellers.

Pricing Groups

Different prices offered to wholesale and retail customers. Wholesale customers usually must submit resale license information.

Large Order Discounter

Supplier offers discounts  to everyone based on how much they spend.

Quantity Discounter

Supplier offer lower prices on a specific item when the customer purchases it in volume.


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Title: Wholesale Beads

Description: BeadStoreSupplies.com is the definitive directory for online wholesale beading supplies..

URL: http://www.beadstoresupplies.com

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<a href="http://www.beadstoresupplies.com"  target="_blank">Wholesale Beads</a><br>BeadStoreSupplies.com is the definitive directory for online wholesale beading supplies.

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Wholesale Beads
BeadStoreSupplies is the definitive directory for online wholesale beading supplies.

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